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Because internet advertising, also known as online advertising, provides the ability to target specific markets while they are online, it may be one of the most effective advertising methods available today. While online advertising may sound deceptively simple, the reality is that you will need professional expertise to generate highly effective campaigns for your business.

There are multiple ways to advertise your business online and each avenue contains many components.  In order to devote the proper time to surpass your competition, it is best for the busy business owner to hire out a professional advertising agency to manage all of your online advertising needs.

At Local Genius Marketing, we look to integrate your offline and promtional advertising to support all of your online efforts.
Online advertising can be a complex process to engage in for a business owner who is busy with other daily operations.  Successful online advertising campaigns require the savvy efforts of internet advertising professionals to be effective.  Business owners are wise to invest in hiring a professional marketing company like LGM to focus on the execution of advanced online advertising techniques.
The bottom line is that effective internet marketing and advertising boosts traffic, sales, new customers, repeat customers and most of all customer loyalty.  Advertising a business online is a cost-effective branding vehicle that is more successful than other commercial advertising methods such as billboards, print advertising, and even television or radio. Yet still, offline print advertising should be effectively used to promote your business and online marketing efforts.

The best advertising strategy for your business is the one that is the least expensive, helps to retain your current customer base, and continues to grow your new customer base.  By integrating your marketing mix, you can more effectively create targeted advertising for the particular market that you desire for your business.  Local Genius Marketing designs online and offline advertising campaigns that support each other and are specific to your business model for the the highest possible return on investment.

In order to determine the best advertising campaign for your company, Local Genius Marketing is willing to visit your business and give you an in depth consultation, normally valued at over $250, for absolutely free.  This includes market research on your company along with compelling competitor statistics for your local industry.  If you take advantage of our free complete business marketing analysis, we can show you exactly how our targeted advertising campaigns can benefit your business for an affordable investment that may surprise you.  We can also help you to organize your offline advertising efforts to coordinate and blend seamlessly with your online advertisement, so that you have a complete and successful marketing strategy.
The Death of Advertising?
I think that's in the
book of Revelation. 
It's the day when people
everywhere become satisfied
with their weight, their hair,
their skin, their wardrobe,
and their aroma.
~jef I. Richards

Are You Overwhelmed With The Newest Advertising And Marketing
Technologies That Are Driving Customers To Your Competitors?

•  79% of all American adults use the Internet
•  91% of all Internet users use a search engine to find
•  Over 50% of all purchases are preceded by an Internet
•  30 percent of all search queries contain a city, state or
    zip code
•  There are over 2.6 billion local searches a month in the  
    U.S. alone
*source: Pew Research center
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Utilizing The Most Effective
Advertising Methods

While Online Advertising is getting all the press today,
tradtional offline advertising still has it's place and effectiveness

Local Genius Marketing offers all of your online advertising needs
while coordinating offline print advertising mediums for cohesion.

1) Online Advertising

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2) Business Cards

Having a professional business card is a must in promoting your business.  One way to enhance your appearance and advertising is to use full color business cards that not only give your name, address and phone number, but that also present your web address and social media links.

3) Brochures

brochures image
Brochures can be an effective means to give a brief overview of your business philosophy, products and services, or any current specials that you may be offering.  Having cutomized full color brochures available to give to potential clients is an effective way to continously promote your brand.
postcards image

4) Flyers and postcards

Flyers and postcards are another effective way to promote special events or sales promotions for your business.  As with all other print advertising, they should support and drive potential customers to your business or to get more information from your website and online social media marketing.
review cards image

5) Business review cards

Business review or comment cards are often overlooked by business owners as to their importance.  Good reviews from your customers allow you to post these valuable opinions as online advertisements.  Bad reviews give you valuable information to improve your customer relations.
banners image

6) In Store Campaign Support Banners

Many consumers may enter into your establishment and still not be aware of any special offerings that you may have that will induce them to do more business with you now and in the future.  It is extremely important to therefore have in=store banners and advertisements that support all of your ongoing campaigns in every form.
magazine ad image

7) Local Publications and Magazine Print Ads

While most small local business owners may not consider magazine advertising an option due to cost, there are usually many local publications and magazines that are cost effective and reach the target audience that you desire.  LGM has strategically partnered with many of these local publications to bring you cost effective advertising solutions to effectively promote your business.
promotional items image

8) Promotional Print Merchandise

Branded promotioinal items are an effective way to engage your customers once they enter your business in order to gain customer loyalty.  These consumers then become inexpensive walking advertisements for your business once they leave and utilize your branded products.  When  properly utilized, you can build brand awareness and reach customers that you would had to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars more in your advertising budget to reach.
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