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Local Genius Marketing Advertising Agency
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Memphis, TN 38103
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Fax 901.584.0638
Local Genius Marketing Advertising Agency
Affordable advertising solutions to improve your business prosperity
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Memphis, TN
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Don't allow your business to become a statistic due to poor marketing and advertisement planning for continued growth of your business!

Memphis TN Advertising Agency

Marketing Campaign Planning

If you would like us to contact you regarding a Free Business Marketing Analysis, fill out the following form below and one of our representatives will contact you.  This is a no obligation, in person business advertising and marketing analysis done at your business location and convenience.
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The philosophy behind much
advertising is based on the old
observation that every man is
really two men - the man he is
and the man he wants to be
~William Feather
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Could Your Business Advertising Benefit From More Customers Today?

Our proven advertising and marketing techniques work for hundreds of different businesses such as attorneys, doctors, contractors, restaurants, retails stores and outlets, auto industries, entertainment, and home, health & beauty services.  Whatever your business sales or services, we can create compelling advertisements to quickly drive more consumers to your location.

LGM's dedicated professional staff of marketers promise to deliver our best effort to maximize your advertising budget and obtain the highest return on investment.  Every advertising and marketing plan is only deemed successful based on how many new and repeat clients it delivers.

With any advertisement plan, as the advertising agency of your choosing, we guarantee to bring in new customers.  We also specialize in helping your current customers spend more time and money with your business.  With our affordable advertising solutions, you will be wondering what took you so long to call us so that we can help your business build a more profitable future!
Most small business fail within 5 years, partially due to a poor marketing and advertising campaign plan or implementation. Everyday more businesses unexpectedly close their doors, something that probably could have been prevented with a larger market share due to a more successful advertising and marketing campaign.

Does your business have a website?  If no, you need one.  If yes, then how much free traffic does your business website get?  More traffic to your business website directly results in more new customers and sales for your business.   Having a great looking website with no traffic is like having a great business hidden in a forest...no one will find you.  But if your business (website) is highly visible on a main street (in search engines), you will get tons of FREE traffic and visitors stopping by to do business with you because of your prime location.
If you would like to leave a testimonial, comment about our business or a comment about our website, we would love to hear from you.  Please feel free to fill out the following form below with as much information as is comfortable for you.  Thank you again for taking time out to communicate with us!
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