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Website Design Domain, Hosting & Copywriting

Custom Website Designs from Local Genius Marketing

Mass demand has
been created almost
entirely through the
development of advertising.

~Calvin Coolidge
Local Genius Marketing offers custom website design from scratch to meet each individual clients unique goals.  We can help you promote your business with a brilliant customized website design solution that is best suited for your company's needs. 

A custom website design offers more flexibility than a template design and can turn a bored prospect into an eager client.  LGM never uses templates and all of our custom website designs are created with the intent to convey the strongest, most memorable branding image possible to your clients. 

Our custom website design solutions give you a unique design, customized layouts and informative content all in a simple, affordable website for the convenience of your customers.  Our custom website designs also utilize the latest technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, Flash and PHP just to name a few.   You also get logo design, SEO, domain name (if necessary), web hosting and more to suit all of your personalized needs.
Our experienced team of web designers will give you the cutting edge that you need to get one step up on your competitors at an affordable website design rate.  Domain name, copy writing (content development) and web hosting are included on most packages.


SEO Copywriting
FREE Web Hosting
FREE Domain Name
custom website design image
custom website design image
Innovative Design and Architecture
Reputation and Brand Management
Cutting Edge Technologies
Cross Browser and W
3C compliant
Logo Design and Corporate Identity
Custom Content and Copywriting
Built-In On-Page Search Engine Optimization
Guaranteed Satisfaction!
Believe it or not, custom website design can be obtained on a limited and affordable budget.  All you have to do is contact the professionals at Local Genius Marketing to arrange your Free business consultation.   Professional website design doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg to compete with your competitors.

Local Genius Marketing can custom build your website from scratch so that it has a well designed structure, is clean, has good navigation structure, has descriptive links that are easy to follow, has built in on page SEO and that have an expressive impressive design that attract your target market.  Our affordable web design services  provide small business owners the professional online image they need to compete against larger corporations that have spent thousands, if not millions on their online presence.

Unlike a template website design, a uniquely customized website design is an investment in quality that effectively promotes brand awareness for your business.  Successful corporations all use custom website designs to develope and promote their branding strategies to their tarket markets.

Affordable Website Design

Website Design SEO

Customized Web Design
Layouts From Scratch
local seo web pages image
Unfortunately, many business owners believe that the free web pages that they receive from Google, Yahoo and Bing are equivalent to a website.  In truth, these are local business web pages that are designed to strengthen your custom designed website through SEO techniques.

Local Genius Marketing can claim and optimize these free local website pages for your business and implore the best SEO strategies with them.  You will still need a well developed website design to benefit from these free webpages.

Give us a call for a free consultation on how we can help with your entire marketing and advertising campaign design and management!
custom website design
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