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Doing business without advertising
is like winking at a girl in the dark.
You know what you are doing,
but nobody else does.
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Getting Facebook Fan & Followers


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Businesses that want to drive new and repeat consumers to their establishments need a facebook business fan page.  Why do you need a facebook business fan page?  Because it exposes your business services and products to consumers on a direct connect level.  This allows you to market and receive responses in real time, unlike any other marketing strategy can provide. 

Local Genius Marketing incorporates the “reveal-tab”, also known as “fan-gate”, feature that helps a business obtain “likes” from visitors so that they become fans of your business.  This exposes their contact information to you and allows you to promote products, services and most importantly specials to these followers in real time marketing.  Visit the Local Genius Marketing fanpage to see an example of this technology in action.

What is the Facebook Business Fan Page with “Fan-Gate”?

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A facebook business fan page encourages visitors to like your specials page in order to reveal what is behind the curtain.  Visitors are able to see some of the content behind the tab through the transparency to get an idea of what you might be offering.  In order to receive the special offer, they have to “like” your page, or they can visit your “Welcome” tab or other pages for your facebook business account.

Once a potential customer “likes” your page, a post goes on their personal profile wall notifying everyone on their facebook contact list that they have “liked” your business fan page.  This creates a viral marketing response potential because each person that “likes” your page can have hundreds to thousands of people following them on their facebook accounts.  Each of those followers may potentially view and like your page as well, thus exposing your business specials to hundreds and potentially thousands of more fans as well.

As you can see, the viral marketing response to a great offer that you provide can be tremendous, giving your business an advertising boost to bring in tons of new and repeat customers. 
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1)     Encourage visitors to your page to “like” your business
2)     Promote your business virally to a fans entire facebook contact list by posting
        on their wall
3)    Allow you to contact all of your “fans” at once through facebook postings
4)    Give you the power of real-time marketing response from consumers
5)    Allow you to tract promotional response rates to determine your most
        effective campaign strategies

1)     Your business gets a professional image and presence on facebook
2)     Affordable prices give you a great ROI
3)     Save yourself time from learning the technical aspects of implementing this
        new technology
4)     Custom hosting from LGM included with the service
5)     Special LGM technology used is fully compatible with facebook guidelines
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1)     Restaurants
        a)    Offer a free appetizer, half price meal, buy one get one free product, or any other offer only to
               facebook fans who “like” your page to encourage new patrons.
        b)   Once you have a fan base built up, use the broadcast ability for your contacts to build business for
               slow or down times by offering special offers such as: “Tuesday 2-5p.m. half price happy hour
               drinks”, “It’s a rainy Wednesday night, the first 100 customers receive 1/2 price dinner
               with a drink purchase”, “Visit us Friday night for a live band and receive a free appetizer
               with a drink purchase”; or whatever your imagination can dream up.

2)     Clubs/Bars
        a)    Build your own lists of partiers so that you can promote your own special events and parties
               without using other promoters.   Imagine having a following of 10,000 or more people
               that have frequented your club/bar or have “liked” your fan page.
        b)   Offer a free admission night promoting your favorite theme or DJ to get a new night of the week
               started by reaching thousands of people instantly without spending a dime of additional
               promotional money.

3)     Beauty Salons/Barber Shops
         a)   Offer first time customers a discount on services to try out your salon/services when they "like" you..
         b)   Offer discounts in real time for clients that show up in the next two hours on slow days from you
               facebook contacts..
         c)   Promote new products or styles in real time for clients to be the first to try out with a coupon
               specifically from your facebook page. 

4)     And many more businesses and industries!
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5 Top Features that a custom “reveal-tab”
facebook business fan page can provide for your business:

How to use the Facebook business fan page
using “reveal-tab” for your business:

5 Top Benefits of letting Local Genius Marketing design and build
your custom facebook business fan page using the reveal tab:

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