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Does your business have a website?  If so, how much free traffic does your business website get?  More traffic to your business website directly results in more customers and sales for your business.   Having a great website with no traffic is like having a great business in a hidden location in a forest...no one will find you unless you give them specific directions to get there.  But if your business (website) is highly visible on a main street (in search engines), you will get tons of traffic and visitors stopping by to do business with you because they notice your business due to its location.

A free website is waiting for you!  Did you know that your business already owns at least 3 free webpages that you may have not even claimed yet?  As your advertising company, it is our responsibility to make sure that you are aware of all the marketing strategies that are available to your business.
Google, Yahoo and Bing all provide you with a free online website with free website hosting to use as one of your many advertising techniques. Youtube and many other sites also offer you free video websites to upload your advertising videos to make it easier for new customers to find you on the web.

Any marketing company representing you should include these free resources as part of your complete marketing plan.  While getting your free website online is easy, managing it properly is something that is best completed by experienced marketing companies.

If you choose Local Genius Marketing as your preferred advertising company, we can also provide your business with the best free website by designing a complete full fledged website from scratch which would also include free hosting.

Getting a complete freewebsite designed from scratch can cost from $1500 to $5000 and more depending on the complexity of the website.  We have several advertising packages that require an investment less than this for many other services, but that also include your online free website!

While choosing your Google web page free can be good for your business, claiming all of your free website pages and allowing Local Genius Marketing to design a complete website for you for free would be the most complete way to drive in new customer to your business.

As a leading advertising agency in Memphis, TN, Local Genius Marketing LLC, or LGM, is dedicated to helping local business owners solve their marketing and advertising needs using local search results. Our personable staff of professionals are dedicated to helping small business owners achieve the results of multi-billion dollar corporations with only a fraction of the costs compared to what a larger advertising agency may charge.

Contact Local Genius Marketing today to inquire about your free website!

Mass demand has
been created almost
entirely through the
development of advertising.
~Calvin Coolidge

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