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Marketing Research Benefits

Marketing Research Helps to Define Your Target Audience


Great designers seldom make
great advertising men,
because they get overcome
by the beauty of the picture -
and forget that merchandise
must be sold.

~James Randolph Adams
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Gathering Great Market Reseach

LGM Utilizing Many Tools for the Best Detailed Market Research

Customer Definition

Identifying Consumer Benefits

Customer Analytics

Competitor Understanding

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Sales Acceleration
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Marketing Research
Accelerates Your Sales!
As your advertising company, our goal with research and marketing is to identify and assess how changing elements of the marketing mix impacts customer behavior to keep your business growing.  We utilize research marketing analytical and data services that track ads, research trends, provide information on brand association, discovers the buyers decision processes, evaluates marketing effectiveness, tracks customer satisfaction by reviews, implements internet strategic intelligence, and many others methods to give your business the best chance at success.

LGM gathers the marketing research required to address these and other issues, designs the method for collecting information, manages and implements the data collection process, analyzes the results, and communicates the findings and their implications to you as the business owner.

During our free business analysis, we show you specifics for your particular business based off of initial marketing research that we conduct before we ever meet with you.  This data will help you to better understand how we will focus on your market segment, set your target market, determine your current market position, and to set goals for your future market position by employing us as your marketing company.
Many businesses today do not understand why market research is so important and have no clue on how to conduct market research for their market sectorMarket researching can be very time consuming for a business owner that isn't equipped with the proper tools and experience in this field.  A marketing company dedicated to this type of market research makes a lot of sense, and is a better cost effective way of utilizing your time as a business owner.

Local Genius Marketing will be delighted to offer you our completely free business analysis that includes initial market research on how we can help your bottom line as a business grow.  We take pride in being a marketing company that can offer you these invaluable services at a more than affordable investment for your business. 
Contact the professionals at LGM today so that we can begin to put together an online marketing research and advertising package specifically for your business that will be affordable, generate new customers, repeat customers, and increase customer loyalty for your business.  Your future business growth is only one phone call away.  Don't delay, make that phone call today!
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Local Genius Marketing can provide detailed analytical market research and reporting that examines all aspects of your business marketing strategy plan, including but not limited to: identifying consumer benefits, customer definition, customer analytics, competitor understanding, market structure, purchasing trends, technological changes and influences, sales acceleration, and other factors related to your business success.

We understand why market research is necessary and how to market research every avenue of potential revenue stream that your business could be utilizing.  LGM is the advertising company that you want in your corner to get an edge over your competition for market share. 

Research on market conditions is necessary for proper company consulting in order to give you the necessary information to identify and define marketing opportunities, evaluate current marketing actions or the lack of them, monitor marketing performance and improve understanding of the marketing process.
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