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On-Page SEO Strategies

Designing Your Website with On-Page SEO


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Local Genius Marketing Advertising Agency in Memphis TN specializes in custom website design, and included in every custom website design that we create is on page SEO strategiesOn page SEO techniques include but are not limited to: high quality content, keyword research/density, proper meta-tag usage, effective internal linking, optimization of all media components, tracking analytics, smallest page size achievable for faster page loads, and optimized urls for search engine robot spiders to easily find all of your content.

Many website designers only focus on the beauty of your website and either completely forget, or don't know the importance and technical aspects of on page SEO for your website.  Your website is similar to your physical business location.  If you choose a great physical location for your business with lots of traffic passing by for the products and services that you offer, your business will have a much higher chance of success.   SEO is the ability to give your website a prime physical location on the internet so that your target audience finds your business, products and services quickly and easily to enhance your probability of continued business growth and success! 
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High quality unique content is a must in on-page SEO strategies.  Although it is very difficult these days to write about something that hundreds or even thousands of people are not already writing about somewhere in the world, it is important that you write content in your own unique style to display why your content is different.  

While your website may be saying the exact same things as thousands of other websites out there, your unique writing style and perspective is what will make your content unique and of quality.  If you are unable to develope unique quality content yourself, hire professionals like LGM to do your content writing for you!
Keywords are the particular words that you should use in your website text that you feel people who are looking for your products, services or business will search for.  Proper keyword research is the beginning of a successful website development campaign.  Keyword placement, density and variance are key factors for successful on page SEO campaigns.  LGM can help solve all of your needs in this area and remove the stress.

Keywords are the key to organic search engine results that lead customers to find your business and become your clients.  Without proper keyword usage, your website will not be found by your target audience and therefore not receive the business you were looking to attract when deciding to build a website for your brand or company.  Local Genius Marketing specializes in using targeted keywords in your on page SEO strategy to ensure that your website is as successful as you desire.
Header tags, page title, page description and keywords are the meta-tags that you need to have properly optimized for the best chance of getting your website placed in the prime real estate section of organic search engine results.  Each of these play different roles and levels of importance, especially across various search engine algorithms, but each is important enough for you to make sure that your website designer uses them properly.  Ineffective use or lack of use of these can kill your business productivity from your website.

Header tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) tell the search engines what your page is about and should include your keywords in them.  Each page of your website should have it's own unique title that also uses your targeted keywords for that page.  Your page description should also include your targeted keywords and give a great brief description to attract more people to click over to your website when reading it.  Utilizing these on page SEO tips can greatly increase your ranking in search engine results for the targeted keywords that drive potential customers to your business.  These on page SEO priorities should not be taken lightly or ignored by your web designer.
Internal Linking is when you use a text link on one page of your website to link to another page of your website for on page SEO purposes.  While you may think that your menu links are enough for your visitors to find all of your pages, search engines believe that when you link to other pages using text links within your content, that this is good on page SEO and they therefore give your website higher rankings for this on page SEO feature

Your homepage should be the number one place that you start with your internal links.  You should link to all of the most important pages of your website using text links on your home page.  You can do this throughout the text, or by using a text menu in the footer that links to every page individually.  This is a good on page SEO tactic that you will see many professional websites utilize. 

Interlinking your inner pages this way is an important on page SEO technique because it passes on link juice throughout your site from the most popular pages to all other pages, and it is a great benefit to your users in order to make it easier for them to find the parts of your website that may interest them the most.
Another on page search engine optimization metric is what people are calling TrustRank, also used by Google.  TrustRank, different from PageRank, is more a measure of how trusted a site is on the web.   When you link out to highly trusted websites, this increases the credibility of the information given on your webpage.  And likewise when you link out to highly questionable webpages on the internet, this can decrease your TrustRank.

When planning your on page SEO strategy, make sure that your web designer has included a few highly trusted websites with quality content and a high PageRank to link out to using some of your targeted keywords.

Installing a website analytics tool such as Google Analytics is a powerful on page SEO tool to use.   There are others available as well such as Clicky, but Google Analytics is the most popular.  These tools allow you to learn important metrics about your website and visitors such as: 1) The keywords visitors searched for to find you, 2) How long visitors stay on your website, 3) What browser and operating system your visitors use, 4) Where your visitors are from, 5) How many new vs repeat visitors you have, 6) Which pages of your website a visitor visited, and many more indicators.  These statistics are highly important for continuing to develop your on page SEO strategies.

A robots.txt file should be used for your website and preferably for each individual page.  This give the search engine bots an indication of how often you change the page for new content....and new content matters!
Page speed is determined by how fast your entire page loads when a visitor comes to your website.  Of course it is also determined by how fast of an internet service that they are using, but a great on page SEO planning will include optimizing your pages to load as fast as possible.  A fast loading page will keep your visitors on your website longer giving you a better potential to convert visitors to clients. 

Some of the biggest enemies of a fast loading webpage are images and media.  For excellent on page SEO, all of these should be compressed so that the file size is small as possible while still delivering the quality you desire.  Also, videos and images are not deciphered well by search engine robots, so you should plan for all of the most important information of your website that you want to use for search engine rankings to be in standard html coding.  Also, always use alternate text, links and titles for all of your images for great on page SEO.
Make sure that your website doesn't have duplicate content because of using different URLs for the same page when linking to your site... eg: http://www.memphis.localgeniusmarketing.com vs http://memphis.localgeniusmarketing.com.  Decide whether you want to use the "www" or not and then use your htaccess file on your server to redirect permanently all requests for the one that you don't use.  This will reduce or completely eliminate the search engines from reading that you have duplicate content on your site.

Last but not least, for quality on page SEO, frequently update the material on your website, make sure that your website has cross browser compatibility, try not to use too many paid ad such as Adsense on your pages, validate your coding, and make sure that you have a 404 error page that redirects your visitors efficiently.
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