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Doing business without advertising
is like winking at a girl in the dark.
You know what you are doing,
but nobody else does.
~Stewart Henderson Britt
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Rules for referral fee program:

CASH Referral Fee Program


LGM's cash referral program is our way of saying thank you to our friends and business partners that think enough about our services to recommend them to a friend or business.  We understand and value the best form of advertising in the world:  Positive Word of Mouth.

Below you will find our rules for referral based cash payouts.  These rules apply to anyone wishing to receive any type of compensation from LGM for any type of referral. 

We do reserve the right to change or modify these rules as necessary.  Please check back frequently to view any change in our policies.

$     Only one referral payout per client is granted
$     Referral payouts are only paid on clients who have purchased.
$     The referral payout is $50 to $250 per client, at the sole discretion
       of LGM based upon the amount a client invests with us; and is non-
$     The Client must clearly state or verify that you referred them to LGM
$     In the case of two people referring the same Client, the first referral
       verification by the Client only will be paid.
$     Payouts are done at the discretion of LGM, but usually within one
       week of receiving a signed contract and payment from our Client
$     Referral cash incentive payments are only available for Clients that take
       action to sign a contract and make payment within 30 days of their
       initial consultation.
$     Referral incentives are not available on Client purchases of other services
       in the future from LGM and are paid on time per Client only.
$     Referral incentives are not available on Clients that have already meet
       with a LGM representative previously.
$     Please direct all questions to referrals@localgeniusmarketing.com, no
       phone calls please!

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