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What is seo? Seo is the abbreviation for search engine optimization, which is a process by which your website is optimized to gain higher search engine ranking naturally so that more people see your website and ad, thereby bringing your business in a steady stream of new interested buyers. 

How to seo is where many marketing companies fail to deliver for their clients when website designing.

SEO is a critical advertising technique that is vitally important to any marketing plan put together for your business by an advertising company. 

SEM or search engine marketing includes seo as one of it's marketing strategies and seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine rankings also through the use of paid placement contextual advertising and paid inclusion.
Even if your company already has a website, failing to invest in search engine optimization will leave a substantial market share of customers on the table for other intelligent web marketers in your business industry to capture.  SEO marketing strategies make your company and advertising available to anyone with internet or mobile phone access, on a virtual 24 hour basis.

Local Genius Marketing can provide your business a free company consultation on how to implement seo and other advertising techniques that are guaranteed to get your phones ringing with potential new customers.  A website optimized properly will bring in a steady stream of free visitors on a consistent basis which you can capture information on with opt-in forms and coupons that drive them to your business location.
Local Genius Marketing offers a low cost initial investment package of professional SEO services, which along with a continuous plan of SEO maintenance is what your business needs to establish a web presence that is effective and consistently gets your products and services in front of your targeted potential customers.

Our complete free business analysis valued at over $250, will show you how seo as one of your main marketing strategies, will position your business for long term growth and success as your client base continues to grow from our efforts.  Our services focus on local businesses because many individuals often search for local services and products to meet their needs.  Search engines deliver results for these businesses by the location of an individuals IP address for their computer, or by the location they are at on their cell phone when searching.

Let the professionals at Local Genius Marketing design a free website for your business that is search engine optimized, or search engine optimize your current website so that your business listing appears at or near the top of results for local business searches that people are making every day so that they can spend money with your business!
What you say
in advertising
is more important
than how you say it.
~David Ogilvy

SEO for Business Success

The Importance of Investing in a Great SEO Strategy

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